My Schulich experience thus far has had its highs and its lows, almost like a rollercoaster. My first year was so overwhelming that sometimes I forget some details. Some highs were getting those A’s on some assignments, being chosen to present your BPTP idea to your class, and making new, lifelong friends. But of course, with successes comes struggles. As someone who suffers from anxiety, a world renowned and competitive business school usually isn’t the ideal situation due to its difficulty but, I know my capabilities and I’ve never been one to settle. I’ve had my moments where I’ve broken down and even had those thoughts of dropping out of the program from all the stress that came with first year. Susan Kimberly even caught me crying in a bathroom stall and spoke to me in her office (if she even remembers that). Because of that, I isolated myself from the Schulich community. I didn’t get involved in any events or clubs and I basically stuck with myself and my studies. During the summer of first year where I’ve had time to reflect (and realized my grades weren’t that bad), I set myself a goal that I had to get involved, big or small, and prove to myself that I do belong here and I am capable of succeeding. When second year came around, I decided to step into the shallow end and joined UBS as part of the Student Life Committee and turned out to absolutely love it. It even motivated me to run in the elections and I am now the VP of Corporate Relations. Even though I did have a rough patch at the beginning, I’m starting to love Schulich more and more and there’s no other school I’d rather be at.