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Through my Schulich experience, I had the pleasure to meet many talented and spirited individuals that would lead the industry and world into the future. It introduced me to a plethora of challenges that were each a joy to solve, unleashed and help discover skills and superpowers I never knew I had, which leads me [...]

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MBA Baby

My MBA journey at Schulich was heralded by the move to a new country where I was reunited with my husband after a two year long distance relationship. Within a few weeks, like everyone else, I felt benumbed by the overwhelming burden of presentations, assignments, bell curves and classroom participation, heightened in the context of [...]

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My Schulich Experience… But More Like a Rollercoaster

My Schulich experience thus far has had its highs and its lows, almost like a rollercoaster. My first year was so overwhelming that sometimes I forget some details. Some highs were getting those A's on some assignments, being chosen to present your BPTP idea to your class, and making new, lifelong friends. But of course, [...]

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Better World MBA…Exemplified

When evaluating my future, I knew I needed a business education to round out my previous educational and professional experiences to develop my skills and switch careers. Not wanting to compromise my principles, I consulted Corporate Knight's "Better World MBA" list. Upon reviewing the list, no other program came close. When it came time to [...]

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Broaden the mind – Widen the scope of knowledge

This story is coming from a current student who has just finished the 1st year of the 2-year full-time MBA program. I had an amazing experience to study along with a highly diverse cohort. The best learning aspect of my MBA studies is the group assignments where we brainstorm with different people day and night [...]

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My Schulich experience – GLP, helpful professors and practical courses

Schulich has given so much to me to design my career path and transition from technology to business strategy. Biggest takeaway for me is the 'Global Leadership Program(GLP)' experience. Our team had students from Schulich Germany and Tel Aviv universities. We worked on a challenging go to market strategy project for 6 months and learned [...]

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Program Manager

Dean Horvath once told me "the Schulich MBA program will break you and then build you right back up". It was only after graduation when I realized what he truly meant. The strategic thinking skills you will develop by going through the program will prove invaluable as you continue to rise the corporate ladder. Thank [...]

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My career in mining started from Schulich

I had never thought I will be in mining business before I studied in Schulich. I am currently the President of Beijing Mining Exchange and prior to this position, I had worked for TSX and a mining company based in Toronto. My connection with mining started from a business forum in Schulich back in 2004. [...]

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Home away from home…Truly Global.

Four years ago, I packed my bags, said my goodbyes and boarded a plane to Canada. When I moved here, I did not know anyone, and the challenge looming ahead for me was significant. However, Schulich has always made me feel right at home & I couldn't have asked for a better university experience. Schulich [...]

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Schulich – start and graduation – a family affair

My Schulich experience will always be tied into my early family milestones. I began my Schulich experience one week after my daughter was born. I chose Schulich because when I was researching and applying to MBA programs knowing that I was pregnant and would be starting the program during my maternity leave, the admissions staff [...]

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